Today we have to learn how life develops and develops. The game will demonstrate this in a simple scheme. The playing field consists of cells that are to be revitalized by players. The main task is to get ahead of your opponent, and make more cells more viable. For this, there is a special technique and a strictly limited number of moves. The winner is determined by the end of the twentieth move.

Game Life io - this is a multiplayer, which involves an interesting and exciting rivalry in the big checkered arena. The cage is dead if it is gray. To activate it, you need to surround with viable neighbors. But there is a serious nuance, if too much is gathered around them, more than three, then the cell will also die. Two or three is enough to breathe life into it. If it comes to life, it becomes colored.

Lifeio is a delicate and complex calculation, precise and verified actions that will necessarily lead to victory. You can live only where it is safe and secure in the neighborhood of the nearest neighbors. This is a struggle for survival in a schematic form. It’s interesting to play, although not easy. If you include logical thinking and act thought out - success is assured.

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