Learning to reason logically, and at the same time it is not possible for everyone to act quickly. Game is an intellectual puzzle with the participation of several players. The competition takes place on the playing surface, dotted with colorful squares. The main goal is to capture the maximum space by painting it with cubes of its own color. Before you begin to play, it is better to get acquainted with the rules that are of great importance here.

The game Lightama io begins at the moment when opponents begin to expose their cubes. Moving forward, step by step, and filling the surface, competitors tend to conquer the largest territory. The round lasts until there are no empty cells in the arena, and then the leader is revealed. The game process begins as follows. One participant clicks on an empty square, it turns black, and those that are located on the sides, will be painted in the chosen to color.

Lightamaio is quite original, as everything here is designed for logical perception and savvy opponents. It is unlikely to win with a pounce. But the defeat is bearing fruit. The main thing is an invaluable experience, which will definitely lead to victory.

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