Lost Without You.io

The original plot and unusual interpretation will make a good sweat over the solution of this puzzle. The game Lost Without You io - is the speed of reaction and ingenuity, without which you can not go this long way. The main goal is to help meet two lovers, lost in a tangled labyrinth. But that’s not all. The fact is that to see the road prevents the total darkness, and light it can only accumulated by the player’s light energy. To have it in the required quantity, it is necessary to collect energy points that are scattered throughout the playing surface.

The game Lost Without You io allows you to play simultaneously for two heroes of this story. For a brief moment of light it is necessary to orient and find the shortest path through the labyrinth, which will allow them to send towards each other. This requires a lot of wit and logical thinking. From the speed of passage depends on the number of points scored. Pass it, as quickly as possible and put your record - the task is not easy.

Lost Without You io is an opportunity not only to test yourself, but also to enjoy the magnificent graphic realization of this interesting project. Here it was possible to connect a real puzzle. To cope with the task set can only one who has enough perseverance and desire to win. Manage the movement of characters need using the keys WASD.

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