People or monsters? - that is the question. The game "" will give an answer to it right here and now. And it all depends, only on yourself. Today you can unlock not only units, but other equally amazing creatures. Choose, on whose side you will play, and go to the arena of battle. Invite to a company of friends or join players from other countries and continents. Before you will open maps of various cities in the world, where in your power to do chaos and ruin.

Monsters appear on the territory, which men are called to protect - the last hope of mankind. These creatures are coming, and if they killed enough defenders, then there is a chance to start a real Armageddon, cause a meteor storm and other opportunities for an offensive. To dominate, collect green dots, and yellow to raise the level and unlock, new stronger mutants. Coins also help to charge cars and powerful monsters.

To move, use the arrow keys of the keyboard or the WASD key, left mouse button or Z - main attack, right or X - secondary. Zoom in and zoom out with the mouse wheel or by pressing Q and E. Use the wrench icon for full-screen, audio and visual effects. Game «» - the newest multiplayer with excellent 3D graphics, which allows you to fight teams and climb to the top of the top. Have fun and have fun.

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