Remember the incredible popularity of such gaming devices as spinners? Although their passion has already passed, but the multiplayer online games this topic does not want to leave. Recently, another browser toy Megaspin io appeared, in which players are encouraged to spin the spinner.

As always, in, the goal for the participants is one - to compete for the championship, to destroy their competitors and gain experience points. This is done simply: you need to accelerate and untwist your propeller to a huge speed, collect colorful crystals in the location and hunt for enemies. At first, for beginners, the helicopter is rather slow and can be an easy target for the enemy. In order not to fly out of the game immediately after the start, you must be extremely cautious and not approach the strong, swinging enemies too close.

Only after your helicopter gains enough speed, you can move on to active operations in Megaspinio and begin attacking neighbors. To do this, accelerate, choose a target and ram it until then, until it is completely destroyed. If you manage to defeat the enemy, all of his achievements will get to you. Management is simple: a computer mouse.

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