Micro Gravity.io

To dominate the universe, you need not only to fight with the enemy, but also to colonize the conquered planets. The game Micro Gravity.io combined several genres. This is a space shooter, and an economic strategy. Each player seeks to capture as many planets as possible and organize the extraction of resources on them. For this purpose, intensive construction of houses, factories and factories is under way. Minerals are mined in mines, weapons are created in special production. We should not forget about the construction of fortifications and defense structures.

The game Micro Gravity io - a multiplayer, which allows any player to rise in the top and get out into the leaders. The best objects to capture are closer to the center. To begin with, you can get the necessary reserve of resources by destroying an asteroid. Next, you can build up space by mines and oil rigs. To ensure the safety and further development of production, care should be taken to protect its territory.

Micro Gravity.io allows you to organize coalitions and alliances to fight the enemy. Acting in concert is better than taking disparate attempts to seize power in the Galaxy. Control: WASD and arrows - move, mouse aim, left click, space - shooting, Shift - accelerate, QE or numbers - choose a weapon.

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