To play multiplayer online every day become more exciting. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with another browser novelty - the game Monarchies io. It is completely unlike most other video games and is most suitable for those players who prefer strategies. You can play it in multiplayer or single player mode. In the first variant, your opponents are bumble-bees, in the second - other players.

The main characters of are bees, and the main task for participants is to create and expand a beehive. In the beginning, you have only one bee - the main uterus, it is the central figure and therefore it must be protected more than others. The uterus orders the remaining members of their swarm to assemble or attack the enemy.

The goal in Monarchiesio is to create as many working insects as possible. This is simple: let’s order the bees to collect pollen and create honeycombs, then put the larvae there and put nannies among them, they will feed, and protect the kids from the threat. Resources are often not enough, therefore, if you have enough combat units, boldly attack rivals and select their resource base.

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