Monday with Ninja, Marshmello

For all those who prefer high-quality role-playing games - a novelty, a game that will make you spend several hours of your time for a good and fun activity. Monday with Ninja, Marshmello is a game to be liked by a fan of oriental martial arts. Here you have to fulfill the role of master of ninja, which faces a difficult task - to save mankind from imminent death.

Your goal is to go through a dangerous path to the temple, where the artifact of power is hidden, which will help restore balance and calmness to the Universe. Naturally, it’s impossible to get to the treasure so easily, because on the way you will constantly encounter various obstacles in the form of blockages, obstacles and cliffs. In addition, well-trained opponents will not allow you to continue the journey without a good fight.

On Monday with Ninja, Marshmello, you’ll have to remember all that you knew about the ninja fighting skills. Move forward, destroying all your enemies. Do not feel sorry for anyone and sweep them off your path. For every successful killing, you will have certain experience points that you can spend on pumping a warrior. In your power to increase his agility, vitality and endurance. Complete all the quests to the end and get a well-deserved reward.

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