Economic strategies have been popular for a very long time, since the last century. The game - a virtual version of the long-known paper fun. To play and become a successful entrepreneur, or even a millionaire, is a difficult and serious business. The chances are equal for each player, and who becomes a rich man and who goes bankrupt depends on the intellectual abilities of each participant. If you want to test your ingenuity and foresight, join the monopoly community.

The game Monopoly io is a training of wit and ingenuity. You need to buy everything you can. The main thing is to beat opponents and bankrupt their competitors. Understand the rules is not difficult. They correspond to all known tabletop toys. Throwing a die, you can see the number of moves and start moving around the playing field, buy free real estate, rent them out. When making a profit, you need to increase your capital.

Monopolyio reproduces all the actions that can actually take place. Carrying out clever deals, investing money in a bank or in construction, you can become incomparably richer than your competitors. But this is not all. Doing risky operations can even go to jail. Everything, as in real life.

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