Rivalry and struggle — this is the basis on which all io—games are built. The game Monster is no exception. The main task remains unchanged — eat and grow to become stronger and destroy your competitors. Once in the game arena, you need to immediately navigate and go in search of berries. Having eaten just a couple of these delicious, you can grow to the level of a gray ball. In this case, earned points will fall into your account.

The game Monster crush io allows you to play online with the guys from all over the world. In this case, everyone wants to prove their advantage. In front of the player is a map, where there are a variety of objects suitable for absorption, although starting from the simplest and smallest. After berries, you can eat trees, and then something bigger. From the volume of the eaten object depends on the number of points scored and place in the ranking.

Monstercrushio provides an opportunity to retire with friends in a separate room. To do this, just send them the appropriate link. Then you can measure your strength with specific participants in the battle. The one who rises to the top of the top wins. Control: move the mouse, double—click to make a leap forward.

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