Monwar io

A wonderful new online strategy is waiting for you. Play Monwar io and build your own kingdom. Here you are a landless knight, whose goal is to find an empty piece of land, to erect fortifications and houses, to build a full-fledged strong army, to defend his possessions from enemies and to seize the property of neighbors. The winner will be the one who will earn the most experience.

In the beginning, you have absolutely nothing and your first priority in Monworld is to obtain the resources necessary for construction. Kill trees, develop mines and save initial capital. When the money is enough, hire soldiers at the bottom of the screen, they are very important, since they will be able to protect you in battle. If the main character dies - the game will end with a loss.

There are five types of warriors available, the limit is 30 soldiers, which you can own at the same time. To create a full-fledged army, it is necessary to build barracks. The most experience you can get for killing opponents, seizing their mines and for destroying mobs. Mobs are also present in Monwar io. They are very dangerous and with one touch can deprive your hero of life energy, but if you still manage to defeat one of them, your reserve will increase at once at times. Controls: ASDW keys, numbers 1-9, mouse.

Alternative name:, monwario, munwar io, mynwar io

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