Growing up and evolving is the essence of life. Game beta - this is the beginning of the beginning, when the very first version of this legendary series was created. The main goal is to go through all the stages of evolution and survive. You will have to start with a small gray mouse, and you can reach strong and dangerous predators, which are practically invulnerable. To overcome all obstacles and mutate to higher beings, first of all, it is necessary to eat calories.

The game beta, even in its original form is very interesting and multifaceted. With each mutation, the player gains new unique abilities that will allow him to develop and resist competitors. Initially, you can eat only vegetable food in the form of mushrooms and berries, but then it will be possible to hunt for other individuals. At the same time, new skills and abilities are emerging. Using them, in full, you can reach the highest level fairly quickly. beta is speed and caution. Before you leave the shelter, you need to assess the situation and the risk of being seen by a stronger rival. Every beast is dangerous to those animals that stand below it on the evolution ladder. Control: movement - mouse, left click - acceleration.

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