The Second World War ended long ago, but fierce battles still take place today. The game is a shooter where you have to survive and fight the enemy. First you need to choose your fighter and the class that corresponds to him. Then you need to go through all control points. It uses very real tanks and military weapons. Among them are the legendary Thompsons and Springsfield.

The game has in its reserve the following characters: doctors, soldiers and sniper. Whatever role you choose, it will be difficult to play. The main goal is to protect your base and capture enemy objects. The more enemies killed, the higher the chance to become a leader. Capturing enemy points and destroying the enemy is rewarded with points. Will have to fight in the team. Of the victories of each of the fighters consists of a common victory.

Mud Field is perfectly traced. Objects, cars, tanks look very realistic. The action takes place on the fields of fierce battles with the participation of fighters from different countries. Shooting is done precisely and effectively. Control: WASD keys — movement, E — vehicle control, G — grenade, left mouse click — shooting, right click — sight, 1 – 4 — switch weapons.

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