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Today there is a reason to recall school lessons in physics. The No Escape game is a great black hole simulator. Planets, asteroids, comets and other space bodies move in space not at all arbitrarily, but in their orbits. Moreover, each object has an impact on the rest, and the winner is the one whose influence is stronger. It is in this direction that the heavenly body will move. But the main influence has a huge black hole located in the center.

The game No Escape io demonstrates how a certain area absorbs and draws into itself everything that is in its zone. By controlling such an object, you can absorb everything that is smaller in volume. This is the main goal of the player. The more absorbed, the higher the rating and place in the top. The opportunity to be saved and not to be dragged into infinity for sure is, but it is not possible for everyone and not immediately. We’ll have to try your luck, and your calculation. Something will certainly help and give a positive result.

No escape is a constant striving towards the center and resistance to external influences. To hold out, as long as possible, you need to quickly navigate in apparent chaos, and choose the right tactics. Control: left mouse button that you need to press and hold, as long as possible.

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