Jelly Mario Bros

Did you have a dandy prefix in the past? If so, you simply will not be able to remain indifferent to Jelly Mario Bros. This is a modern analogue of Mario. However, now there are advantages. You can create your own map. If you do not want, there are ready maps. Fight Mario will be with turtles and mushrooms. The game consists of blocks, and blocks of levels. At the end of each block Mario will meet the turtle-Dragon. This mutant constantly kidnaps the princess, and Mario frees her.

To defeat the mushroom in Jelly Mario Bros, just jump on top of it. That`s not going to happen to the turtle. She`s hiding in the shell. If you jump on her back, she`ll turn into a vehicle. Will roll Mario until it falls into the pit. Collect coins while you play. In addition to coins you will be waiting for other bonuses. Collect them, improve.

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