Super Mario Bros 2 online

Super Mario Bros 2-This is another part of the series about the plumber, which is a thoroughly redesigned version of the game Doki Doki Panic, released exclusively in Japan.

There were a lot of changes, there was a scale of life, Mario began to destroy enemies throwing objects in them, and not jumping on them, you can choose several characters to pass, reworked graphics, enemies and more. The second part became a special part in the history of the game, not everyone liked, but deserved attention. Super Mario Bros 2 was so unlike the first part that even disappointed the fans.

Continuation of the famous game. The developers have changed the game Mario beyond recognition. Now the character will not perish at the first touch with the enemy. In Super Mario Bros 2 You can choose one of four characters that have unique abilities. To select a hero, press the J key.

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