We go into orbit! The new multiplayer game Orbs.it - a steep space shooter. Here there is a struggle for power in space and dominance in our universe. Here you will play and fight with seven gamers at the same time to gain control over the space with 24 different planets. Your task is to capture the heavenly body, repainting it in your own color. This can be done with a successful and accurate shot right at the target. Then the conquered object changes its color and can be considered its own.

But not everything is so simple. On the playing field there are enough competitors who are not going to concede at all. Therefore, it is necessary to be on the alert, not to be substituted and not to surrender their positions. Move the mouse, shoot with the left click, zoom in or out with the wheel. The game Orbs.it is a bit like the earlier known toy Opka.io, but much more interesting.

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