Oddly enough, but the rotation of the planets in orbit is also fraught with danger. Orbz.io game will allow you to control the planet, surrounded by three faithful satellites. Their main task is to protect their center from attacks and attacks of rivals. Gain points and grow can be due to the colorful shapes that can be found in the surrounding space. But this path is slow and inefficient. Much more points can be gained if you attack competitors.

The game Orbz.io is an improved version of agario, where it is much more difficult to fight and survive than in the original. In our case, you can attack only with three rotating balls, the central sphere should remain intact and intact. It is necessary to take into account the main feature and the difference of this difficult battle - here the mass is secondary, it is important - the ability to attack.

Orbz.io takes place on a huge map with many players. To reach the top, you will have to rely only on your own strength and abilities. Using the original tactics and strategy of survival, you can win even the largest players, having a sphere with a much smaller volume. Control: left click of the mouse - speed up movement, space - acceleration of satellites to attack.

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