Oreshk io

Play a new space shooter and conquer the unknown expanse of the universe. In Oreshk io, you will fight on a huge spaceship, where you will fight for superiority in orbit. At your disposal will be initially a fairly weak spacecraft, which you will be able to pump.

In order to earn experience points in Oreshk io, find and shoot the gray meteorites on the map, they will bring you extra balls and will improve your flying machine. Also a significant number of points will bring the immediate destruction of enemy ships. Aim at them from your guns and shoot at a distance. The greatest amount of experience will be given to the destruction of red space ships.

For management in Oreshk io meet the small icons below. Sword means attack, shield is defense, and hand is responsible for the selection of crystals. The main thing is to switch between tasks in time, otherwise instead of accumulating bonuses you risk simply to destroy useful resources. Focus on the map below, it shows the status of rivals and their combat capabilities: green - weak, red - dangerous, it is better not to contact them. Management: ASDW, mouse.

Alternative name: oreshk.io, oreshkio, oreshek io

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