The new multiplayer game "Orn.io" certainly deserves the attention of fans of the genre IO. Despite the fact that the multiplayer is available in the beta version, it will be very interesting to play. 3D mode will give a sense of space and volume, and confrontation in the battle arena will be cruel and exciting. Control will be a small ball, which will move between other geometric shapes and build up its mass.

To do this, eat your competitors and grow. Use the WASD keys to move, and the mouse to rotate. The space bar will help to split into many bots and even enter the chat room for communication and communication with other players. To reach the top of the rating and survive, apply your own strategy and tactics. But the main thing - be mobile and careful. The game "Orn.io" is a rather original clone of the same immortal Agario. Have fun and relax with your friends. Enjoy great graphics and fun gameplay.

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