Waving fists and defeating an opponent in an honest duel was loved in antiquity. Own.io game will allow each player to take part in the battle of medieval warriors with unique abilities. The fight takes place in a different format: one by one, two by two, and also three by three. You can play after choosing a character, each of whom has his own methods and methods of combat. The struggle to be serious, with the use of special moves and weapons.

The game Own.io is made in the spirit of the famous Mortal Kombat. There is an opportunity to prove themselves and earn some money to buy upgrades in the store. If you manage to win one of the rounds, you can immediately purchase new means of protection for your character. You will have to fight in different locations, where you can hide, find a secret point and take advantage of it.

Own.io is a well-designed multiplayer, where everyone can choose from several fighters. Among them there is an archer, a barbarian and a trap device specialist. You can fight in any legal way, shoot a bow. Wins the one who quickly reacts to the attack of a competitor and attacks himself unexpectedly and effectively. Management: WASD keys - movement, space - jump, left click - attack.

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