This game is an alternative to Agario. In Owom.io also need to collect circles to go to victory. The larger the circle, the easier it will be to accelerate, defend with an energy shield, lay down and undermine bombs.

And now about the rules of the game Owom io. All your points and opportunities can be seen from the bottom left. If you need to speed up, you need to click the mouse, and keep as much as necessary. The task of shielding is to save from all bombs, and yours and strangers. It protects all the time until the energy runs out, it will not turn off. The bomb is laid with the S key in the direction of the cursor near the cage. To undermine, it is enough to press the button D. Baba from a mine is very large-scale. If you fly near her, you can blow up. Therefore, it is worth arming and quickly responding to the situation. Do not lose vigilance and near your mine, it can also be undermined.

Owomio is very addictive and keeps all the time in suspense competition. Your championship in a second can change to the last places, and even lose.

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