| PacMan io (Pac Man io)

Today, a real legend is entering the game arena - a cute and voracious hero of consoles. is a new encounter with old friends. The main goal - eating everyone and everything. It doesn’t matter who is on your way: cute PacMan, yellow ball or others. For each eaten are given bonus points that accumulate and raise the rating. Sometimes you can grab a special booster. It speeds up your ward and slows down everyone else.

PacMan io is a constant hunt for its victims. If you do not replenish energy, you can lose points and decrease in size. It must be remembered that it is possible to accelerate only in exceptional cases. For this, too, remove the balls. In addition to food, there are also enemies on the map - ghosts. These are very dangerous and voracious creatures that can not be destroyed. He can even gobble up a PacMan-king, not to mention his smaller brethren. is a test of reaction speed and ingenuity. After all, the player is required to not only increase the mass, but also to circumvent the traps prepared by ghosts. These terrible monsters are always on their guard, and they are waiting for the next victim. Moreover, they are all very dangerous, regardless of size. Control Pac Man io: movement - mouse, acceleration - left key.

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