Pako io

Play this classic game and become the leaders of the rating table. In Pako io the best will be the one of the participants who will gain the most points of experience and will occupy the first line of the top. To do this, it is necessary to kill rivals and to appropriate their achievements. The size of the character here does not matter, and even a beginner can safely kill an experienced enemy from the first impact hit.

Your weapon in is an acute and long spear that you must throw at opponents. To do this, you need to take a good aim, weigh the chances of defeating the target and then throw. It must be remembered that after each throw, the character is completely unarmed until he again selects weapons.

Arming with your spear is not necessary, in Pakoio you can use any weapon that will be closest to you. Remember that you should always be on guard and never stay in one place for long, do not give enemies a chance to aim and knock you out of the match, at dangerous moments use a booster to accelerate. Control: computer mouse and cursor - movement, left click - shot, right click - acceleration.

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