Paper battle in full swing. The game - is a new battle for the territory. To play it is necessary in the multi user mode, competing with players of different level and experience. Once on the battlefield you need to get out of your base as quickly as possible in order to grab some space. It’s not very difficult to do. It is enough to bypass and circle your line, and then return to the starting point. Then these possessions will be painted in the chosen color and become your property.

The game Paperio space allows you to take, as a neutral territory, and foreign lands. Of course, no one will give it away voluntarily. Therefore, it is necessary to act very carefully and carefully. There are many dangers and not only from competitors. If you cross your own line, you can also die. The enemy does not slumber and tries to seize the initiative. And when, when you gain speed, you fly out of the map - you also have to start all over again.

Paperiospace is a great opportunity to show your abilities and earn points. The winner is the one who has more land and whose color dominates the common space. Before you start playing, you’ll need to select the appropriate server. Control: Arrow keys of the keyboard to move.

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