Amazing three-dimensional world awaits its heroes. Game interesting multi-level arcade. To pass it to the end is difficult enough, and with that hardly succeed. If there is a desire to test the possibilities: logic and ingenuity, then it is not necessary to procrastinate not a second, poisoned to conquer absolutely new unique game world. First you have to go through the training mode and learn all the instructions. This should not be neglected, because this is where the basis of success is laid. Here you will learn to ride and fly, move in space, defend and attack. To feel yourself hovering over the abyss is worth a lot.

The game Particlo IO consists of many levels. To proceed to the next one, you must complete the previous one. And let it not be a current-just and simple, the main goal and perseverance that lead to victory. Failure should not stop the player, the mistakes learn and go forward.

Particloio consists of puzzles that will make the brain boil. But nothing is impossible. Each character has a huge potential and tremendous opportunities. You only need to learn how to use them. Control: WASD – Movement, SPACEBAR – align, F – fly over failure.

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