And let the number of clones and modifications of Agario constantly grow, the number of loyal fans does not decrease at all. The game Petri is another version of the famous multiplayer, which has unique skins and additional features. The main goal, as before, is to fatten and raise your ward to the maximum. However, the rules differ on different servers.

The game Petri allows, starting with a small cell, which only feeds on multi-colored dots, grow to the super giant, devouring everyone and everything. Gaining weight is better and faster due to the absorption of smaller competitors, but here you also need to be careful. Deciding to split into small particles, you can lose some of the mass, if the enemy is too gluttonous.

Petri has many opportunities for growth and development. Here you can use a variety of means for attack and survival. And colorful and original skins will revitalize the fight. At first, players are on equal terms, having small cells that need protection and proper nutrition. But then, everyone chooses their tactics and development strategy. Control: mouse - movement, space - to share, W - to lose weight.

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