The genre io-games is constantly expanding, replenished with new original multiplayer. The game Pikerush.io is closest to the classics of this style. You have to play online in multiplayer mode. The main task is to collect multicolored points that allow you to grow and gain points. All participants of this battle fiercely compete among themselves. They are armed with sharp peaks, and the winner is the one who will get the rival first.

The game Pikerush io allows you to use any tricks to improve your skills and climb to the next level. Then the length of the peak will increase, and the enemy will become more vulnerable. You can move using acceleration, which will allow you to move faster and more efficiently over the playing surface. It takes a lot of sharpness and speed of reaction to take the enemy by surprise and deal a preemptive blow to him.

Pikerushio is very simple and easy to manage. All characters move quickly and without noticeable delays. If the failure occurred at the very beginning, and the hero was killed by a more experienced rival, you do not need to despair. The participation of players from different countries motivates to achieve the maximum result. A bit of training and experience and skill will come. Control: movement - mouse, accelerate - left key.

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