Do you want to become the captain of a pirate ship? Then hurry up, because you are waiting for a new multiplayer game PirateBattle.io! Here you will participate in sea battles, developing and pumping your ship. If you are already familiar with such predecessors as Krew.io, Pirac.io and Shipo.io, you will surely notice how the similarity and difference of this game is.

Firstly, here you can make your sailboat as noticeable and different from others by using sails of different colors. In addition, more than two hundred unique flags are available that will help distinguish it in the general mass and frighten the enemies. Secondly, there are eight different categories, and at higher levels the cost of updates increases.

Play will be a mouse to move around the game space and shooting. The 1/2/3/4 keys will be needed to upgrade your frigate, a space to enlarge. Your task is to shoot large enemy ships and small boats out of guns. From each podbitogo sudenyshka will fall out coins, which must be selected and used to purchase improvements.

The game PirateBattle.io - this is your chance to join the team of pirates and seize power at sea. Develop tactics and strategy of warfare, create groups, search for allies and with them together destroy competitors.

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