Piratez io

Multiplayer online games offer players a variety of storylines, but such a plot as in this game you are guaranteed not yet met. In Piratez io, you will fight for superiority not on land, but at sea. Here, you will become the captain of a pirate battleship that must establish naval domination and become the strongest among the hundreds of opponents.

In addition to the enemy ships themselves, small islands in Piratez.io represent a big danger, which is periodically found on the map. On each of them are installed guns, and if you swim to them close enough, you will open a heavy fire. If you destroy the island, your account will have a decent amount of experience points. In order not to risk your ship, shell the islands from a safe distance, the artillery force there, unlike your guns, is small and you can easily reach the target, remaining safe.

A distinctive feature of Piratezio is that it does not last indefinitely, but has a certain number of levels. For the passage of each of them, you will receive points, they can be spent on pumping their battleship, for this, select the desired characteristic on the panel at the bottom of the screen and click on it, adding power to your vessel. After level 25, you can change the ships on your own. Management: WSE, mouse.

Alternative name: piratez.io, piratezio

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