A huge collection of free multipliers replenished with another novelty. The game Polys.io - is a rivalry for the title of leader and an outlet in the top of the best players. It’s very easy to play. It’s enough to accumulate points and increase your rating. This can be done by collecting blue dots on the playing surface, which makes it possible to raise your level. In the upper left you can see your level at the moment. The more points scored, the larger and better the weapon.

The game Polys io has many opportunities for development and pumping its character. However, it is necessary to be afraid of newcomers. Even an experienced player can be killed, and it’s impossible to destroy a newcomer in the first few seconds. The fact is that he has been invulnerable for some time. Next, this effect is to pass and you can fight with him on an equal footing.

Polysio - this is a test of the speed of reaction, logical thinking and the desire to win. To keep your place as a leader in the rating table, you will have to be constantly on the alert, ready for any surprises and surprises. The winner is the one who will keep his leadership longer than his competitors. Manage your wards with the mouse, left click - attack, space - acceleration.

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