Prison romance is still popular. The game is a survival simulator behind the bars of the detention cell. Each player is in a cruel world, where his rules and laws prevail. To survive in prison, you need to adapt to this habitat and take the position of a leader here. It will not be easy to do this. We will have to establish relations with fellow inmates and other prisoners.

The game Prison Lyfe io - this is a real life in captivity, where you can bet on the winner in the fights, bribe the guards, most participate in the disassembly and even flirt with the nurse. Planning and organization of escape is considered to be the highest aerobatics. But if you find your place among this diverse company, you can feel comfortable here and even here. In total, there are 100 prisoners here, with each of whom one can conduct dialogues and cooperate.

PrisonLyfeio - the original multiplayer, which will participate in various gangs and groupings, find allies and eliminate enemies. It’s fun to play and interesting. There are different options for the development of events. Every prisoner has a chance to get free, just use it rights. If there is a goal - all means are good.

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