The genre of multiplayer in the style of io develops rapidly, and no longer count their heroes. Game PumpUpHero.io - this is a kind of parody of the famous avengers. There is no one team, but each for himself. It will be necessary to resist the same powerful fighters as yourself. Possessing unique abilities, it is easy to fight against the weaker. And how to deal with the same? This is only to be learned.

The game PumpUpHero.io makes the most focus on the fight, to break out into the leaders and climb the top. To do this, you need to collect different bonuses and destroy competitors. Everything that is scattered underfoot is useful. These are balls, airplanes and rockets. But the main and most powerful weapon is the super fist. At the same time, it is necessary to beat your fist, and not throw yourself at the enemy with your whole body. Such a clash can be deadly, and for both.

PumpUpHero.io is fraught with another danger that should not be neglected. Here you need to take care of the stone blocks. Stones are a hiding enemy who can suddenly attack as soon as they come close to the minimum distance. It will be useful to pump your skills, and apply them when necessary. Control: mouse - movement, left click - kick, QW - super ability.

Alternate titles: PumpUp Hero Pumpup io

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