Pury Space | Pury Space io

Star Wars continue, and are becoming fiercer. The game Pury Space io will allow you to control the spacecraft that participates in the universal battle. The main goal — to kill everyone and dominate in space. Opponents are bots that should be destroyed without hesitation. At the very beginning the spaceship is too weak to withstand more powerful rivals. To earn points, you need to shoot various geometric shapes. The funds received can be spent in the store to buy upgrades for your war ship.

The game Pury Space io seems too simple and primitive, but it is only at first glance. Simple and clear lines, understandable actions and the presence of enemies make you play at your limits. To defeat the enemy and not die yourself, you need to constantly monitor the radar readings. It is located in the lower left corner. It will not be superfluous to collect bonuses that can double or triple the points gained.

Pury Space io is a game with players from different countries. To defeat an opponent, it is necessary to calculate all the options and choose the best one. Winning will require strategic thinking, logic and ingenuity. Control: hold down the right mouse button — move, left click — shoot, change the weapon by scrolling, double-click with the right key — nitro acceleration.

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