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Rafting today is very cool, although in real life it is very difficult. The game Raftz Online offers its own virtual version. Each player gets his little raft, which is in the middle of a raging sea. Now it is necessary not only to control its movement, to avoid whirlpools, rivals who block the way, but also to modernize. The larger the raft, the higher the rating and the chance to become a leader.

The game Raftz Online — here each player seeks not only to survive, but also to win. For this all means are good. Before you start playing, you need to collect to the maximum all the boxes that float in the middle of the ocean. In them are a variety of bonuses. So you can get spare parts that are useful for repair and expansion, as well as help in the form of new fighters and workers. You can get a rower — to increase speed, archer and dart thrower — to protect and attack, woodcutter with an ax, which is indispensable for the update.

Raftz Online is growing each time, turning into a huge structure that can withstand a whole army of enemies. But do not forget that the larger the design, the less space and room for maneuver. You can not lose sight of competitors and their attempts to knock you off course. Management: WASD — movement, left click — attack.

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