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The endless expanses of our galaxy have become a place of fierce battles. Rage One will allow each player to try their luck and fight for power in the universe. Everyone will have at their disposal a spacecraft with the same starting set. Then it can be pumped and upgraded due to the resources collected in different parts of the space. The fight will be tough and uncompromising.

The game Rage One - is survival in space, where there is a battle for dominance. You will have to start by choosing a nickname and starting from the earth’s orbit. Then the spaceship goes to the open spaces of the Galaxy, where the most interesting things begin. Much depends on the characteristics of the combat ship. From its power, speed, firepower. The one who succeeds in upgrading it to the maximum has every chance of becoming a leader and seizing power in space.

Rage One is designed for serious, courageous fighters. You can win only with serious preparation, well-thought tactics and strategies. You need to prepare carefully and act quickly and aggressively. For the destruction of enemy ships you get prize points and raise your rating. Control Rage io: mouse - movement, right click - acceleration, left - shooting, W - launch.

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