The new i game "RainingChain.io" is a whole fairy tale story in which you are invited to take a direct part. You can play, as in multiplayer mode, a registered user, and in a guest. Here you are a knight who travels through the forest kingdom, following the direction indicated by the arrows. Its movement is easily tracked on the map at the bottom left.

Having reached the appointed place, you will meet one of the main characters, who will tell you about the misfortune that has happened in these lands, and will point to your mission. If you accept the conditions, then continue the path. On the way you will see amazing and strange enemies, you will participate in the battles with them, and then solve puzzles and perform all sorts of tasks.

At the same time, you will be in contact with other characters and have a constant dialogue with them. Control: WASD keys, mouse click to apply weapons and confirm the action. Step through the magic forest, acquire skills and weapons. Fight with competitors and hostile creatures.

The game "RainingChain.io" with an interesting and well-thought-out plot will surely find its fans. Excellent pixel graphics reminds of retro games and delivers real pleasure.

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