Meet the auto football! The new game "" - this test is not for the faint of heart: steep wheelbarrows chase the ball on the football field! Excellent 3D graphics allows you to enjoy the gameplay in full. All you need is to score your competitors, although it will not be so easy. Get on the ball, sending it exactly into the goal - that’s your goal. Every successful hit brings you closer to victory.

The more points, the higher the place in the rating table. If there are few real players, it does not matter. In an instant, you will be joined by bots, which are equally difficult to play with. And besides the main task, you will get great pleasure from drifting your car. Make a sharp leap, turn easily, using acceleration. For convenience, switch the viewpoints to the machine and field. Controls: WASD keys: move, Spacebar: speed up.

The game "" is a well thought out multiplayer, which has not yet been compared. Call friends and join the international community of fans and toys.

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