To survive, no matter what - it’s quite an easy task. Game is 3D multiplayer survival in extreme conditions, where everyone can become a hero. The main problems that every player faces are hunger, cold and monsters. No less important is the water. From thirst, the character can easily die, just like without food. To get drunk, you need to use a jar or spend some time by the river. You can warm up by the fire, and get food - for killing another monster.

The game Rusna io allows you to craft inventory, extract resources, build various structures. For this, it is necessary to cut down trees to extract timber, as well as to engage in the extraction of stone. If the building materials are sufficient, the building icon will be displayed on the screen. Once all the buildings have been created, you can move to the next level. The built blast furnace for smelting iron ore will provide an entirely new resource, and this will open new prospects for development.

Rusnaio is not only building, but also a constant struggle with monsters that do not allow living in peace. Against them you can fight alone, or cooperate with other players. Having united, there is more chance to stand in the fight and stay on the arena. Everyone chooses his own tactics and strategy of survival. Control: WASD - movement, space - accelerate, E - open inventory, left-click - interaction.

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