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For those who want to dominate in space, there is a great chance to prove themselves. Satelite io game will allow you to control the spacecraft and destroy its competitors. To win the leader’s crown, you need to use the properties of gravity. You will have to start from the Earth, and then, having turned on the accelerators, go into outer space to create your own orbit.

The game Satelite io is not only flying across the galaxy, but also fighting with competitors. To destroy enemies and survive yourself, you must constantly monitor the radars. The enemy does not sleep, he is always ready. Rivals need to shoot down any available methods. In the process you can earn not only reward points, but also additional bonuses. The closer you get to our planet, the more points you can get. The main thing — do not crash into it. Maneuvering, approaching and moving away, changing the trajectory of movement, you can get into the lead and go to the top.

Satelite io is a multiplayer game that can be played both on a computer and on a tablet, and on any mobile device. To keep the leading position, it is necessary to stop rivals in time, knocking them off course. Control: click the mouse or space bar — create an orbit or get acceleration, Enter — enter the chat.

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