Hooray! Football online! The game "" is the newest i-multiplayer where you will have a real football match with real players. Play will be for a blue or red team, the choice depends on you. If you want to stay among gamers for a long time and save your results, then you can become a registered user. And for the first experiment, it’s enough to enter the guest mode.

The name of your athlete will be displayed on the screen of the monitor, so you will not be able to forget it. Your task is to score in the opponent’s goal. You can move around the field with the help of the keyboard arrows or the WASD keys, you can rotate in motion with the mouse, use the capture with the left mouse button, and take the ball - right, fall - G.

The game "" is a strategy where victory is not easy. You should think and calculate your actions a few steps forward. Interact with like-minded people and beat opponents. Teamwork, transfers, strokes - everything, as in reality. This is the only way to win, and not just chasing the ball around the arena. Compete with the guys from different countries and demonstrate their abilities. Become the best player of all time!

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