Here everything is extremely simple: destroy the opponents, gain experience and advance in the top, trying to take the leading position in the rating table. Game - a pretty good multi-player space shooter. Play it like those players who do not need a twisted storyline and do not require something special from the graphics.

After the beginning all participants of the struggle are given a spaceship equipped with a laser cannon. Throughout the gameplay the arsenal does not change, it can not be improved. Your goal in is to simply navigate around the location, look for profitable positions and shoot enemy spaceports. While shooting, do not forget to watch your rear and if necessary, shy away from the shots of the enemy. There are no spare lives, restoration of vital energy is not provided.

The game also offers another way of recruiting experience. Throughout the perimeter of the screen scattered gray crystals, collect them and raise the number of points in your account. For them you can buy bots that will cover your rear. Long they do not live, but their role in protecting the character is performed perfectly. Control is simple: mouse for movement, left click - shot.

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