The underwater world is interesting and mysterious, and its inhabitants possess cunning and ingenuity. The game will penetrate into the very heart of the mini-ocean. Join a group of fry, and grow your pet to a huge size. To achieve such results as quickly as possible, you need to eat well and gain weight. Food is plankton in the form of colored balls and any small fish. If it is smaller in size, then you can eat it without fear of becoming food yourself.

The game Seapop io quite calm and colorful. It is performed in classical style, and allows you to successfully play, both adults and kids. You need to remember, while you are small and defenseless - do not climb for trouble and show your eyes to your competitors. Any fish that is bigger carries a threat. Therefore, successfully maneuvering, hiding from the danger and threat of attack from predator fish, you can grow and become stronger.

Seapopio provides equal chances for each player, but the strongest survives. Everything, as in nature, is constantly struggling for existence. It’s very easy to control the fish, it moves after the mouse cursor. Collect points and climb in the top is better by eating other fish, but ordinary food also benefits.

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