Ship С

Space shooters will never lose their relevance. Ship is a classic multiplayer game with players from all over the world. Today, all united in the struggle for influence in the galaxy. Who will dominate interstellar space depends only on the skill, logic and ingenuity of each of the participants in this grand battle. To become the most powerful and go to the top, you need to score the maximum number of points.

Ship allows you to do this in several ways. First, you have to craft your ship so that it becomes the fastest and most powerful in the universe. Secondly, it is necessary to collect multi-colored balls that bring points and raise the rating. Thirdly, to destroy the star ships of rivals - this will bring the final victory.

Ship has its own characteristics that distinguish it from other similar shooters. So, to destroy the enemy ship to the ground will not succeed here. In any case, the backbone from which you can begin to restore your combat vehicle will remain. By installing powerful guns, protection and armor, you can be almost invulnerable to competitors. Management: WASD - movement, left mouse click - shooting.

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