If you like to solve all kinds of puzzles, then this multiplayer online puzzle is sure to please you. The game has fifty different levels, each of which is constantly complicated, and it is much more difficult to solve it than the previous one, to pass them all and only a few will be able to cope with the tasks.

Immediately after loading, you will see a dark playing field divided into small squares. In each of the boxes there are certain numbers with a minus sign. Your goal is to click on them, then in the new window that opens, select the numbers with a plus value and fill the entire area.

The game has some nuances. So, choosing numbers with a plus, you will be able to move in different directions to a certain number of squares. If you completely fill the entire line, it will disappear. If you click on several cells at the same time, multiply the values indicated in them, and in order to close them, you will need to click on the digits, which after multiplication will make up the necessary sum.

Control: move the cursor to the desired window and click the left mouse button of the computer mouse.

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