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You can say all in one. The game Shot Land has absorbed the interesting features of many games. The bottom line remains the same - grow and outrun your rivals. The difference is that for the growth and weight gain, you can use different methods. On the playing surface there are multicolored dots and large circles. Small objects need to be collected, and large to destroy. For this, you get prize points and arm yourself.

The game Shot.Land is also an exciting shooter where you can shoot and destroy competitors. And all the bonuses of the killed participants in battles go to the winner. Therefore, the battle becomes even more bloody and fierce. It goes without saying that if you managed to get a weapon, then it should be used as quickly as possible. Then a place in the top of the best players will be provided.

Shot Land has other chips. For example - teleport. Transition points appear suddenly and are sent to a completely unfamiliar place. We have to re-adapt to the terrain and continue the fight. Controls: WASD keys or arrows - move, left mouse click - shooting, mouse wheel or 1-9 - select weapon, F - shield, M – mini map, C – chat, Q – observation.

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