This multiplayer game in which there is a chance to fight in the style of death match. The main goal of is to get the crown, as well as the maximum set of points. To meet all the conditions for victory, it is necessary to overcome all rivals, inflict a lot of damage, evade their attacks. The game has almost no additional options. The weapon is selected at the beginning of the game. During the battle there is an opportunity to heal, slightly increase stamina, but you will not have additional weapons of battle.

On the playing field placed first aid kits to restore health. It is possible to find and apply them only in case of injury. You can dispense with the first aid kit, health resumes after a certain period. It means, that not even having found a first aid kit, it is possible to recover, for this it is necessary to wait a little. But then there is a chance that you will be overcome by rivals.

To improve your character, you need to get to the bonus box, which is in the center of the playing field. Find it simply, because it is marked with a white mark. Open it and choose what you need most at the moment.

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