If you are an admirer of classic worms, then this game is definitely for you. Silly is the usual online competition for agility and reaction. Here you will play in the form of a worm that is constantly hungry and requires food to increase in size. Your goal is to feed your pet, grow it, gain game experience and move up in the top, gain a foothold on the top line of the rating and stay there as long as possible.

Immediately after the start of the competition Silly your worm is incapable of being able to accelerate. Do not waste time in vain and start to collect on the location of colored balls. When typing a certain number of points, your snake will add in size and you can increase its speed if necessary by simply pressing the left mouse button. True, you do not need to overuse acceleration, because the points gained from this are lost.

The greatest amount of experience in Silly can be earned for the destruction of opponents. In order to kill the enemy, just cut it so that it touches your body with the head of your worm. Playing, remember that the head of your pet is the most vulnerable place, and if you are careless and crash into one of the rivals, the game for you will end with a loss. Management: computer mouse.

Alternative name: silly snakes io, sillysnakesio, sillysnakes

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