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War in the sky - a test for the strong in spirit and brave pilots. The game Sky Wars io will give each player a chance to become a real ass and get to the top. To pilot a combat aircraft, it is not necessary to be a professional pilot. The main thing is to learn how to control your aircraft and accurately hit air targets.

The game Sky Wars io is made in 3D format. Aircraft look volumetric and very realistic. Perfectly traced the landscape itself. There are no armies and coalitions, every man for himself. The main task is to destroy as many enemy vehicles as possible and remain invulnerable to yourself. In order not to fail at the very beginning, in no case should one not allow the enemy behind him. As soon as the enemy settles in the tail, he can attack without fear of receiving a retaliatory strike.

Sky Wars io is an original military shooter where victory in aerial combat depends on the correct tactics and strategy. You can not relax for a moment. There are many rivals, and everyone wants to score more points in order to lead. Only a well-thought-out defense, special maneuvers, attacks will help to overcome competitors. Management: mouse - movement, left click - shooting.

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