Have you ever run paper airplanes? The multiplayer game invites you to do this fun online game and will compete for the championship with hundreds of other players. You will need to control your aircraft and shoot enemy aircraft from special rocket launchers.

Each flyer in is equipped with two rockets on the sides. Your goal is to enter the steep peak, find the right moment and shoot at rivals right in flight. For every shot down enemy, you will have experience points, the more experience you gain, the higher you can climb in the game top. Be very careful, as enemy fighters will also hunt for you and cut at every opportunity.

In addition to conventional firearms in, each participant also has an additional skill. It is randomly assigned to players immediately after the start, use it to achieve your goals. Also on the game board you can find additional bonus items. Try to get close to them before other participants do it, bonuses for a while can make you faster, strengthen armor or give invisibility. Management: computer mouse.

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